Sunday, June 3, 2012

6/3 At sea

6/3 Brtish Isles - at sea 

Today was a day at sea sailing to Scotland. We attended the 3rd lecture about cold cases, DNA analysis and the Russian Czar and his murdered family. The speaker has been very good. Quite informative about crime solving techniques - application of new methods for very old cold cases. 

Great Britain celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee today - 60 years as Queen. The ship was decorated with the Union Jack colors, served high tea and showed the BBC broadcast on a movie screen. 

Mid-day, we changed cabins. When we rec'd a survey, Jill told them about the chilly temp and the noise from workers and from daytime practicing by the band in the Cabaret just below us. 

We accepted the ship's offer to move to a different suite at the rear of the ship. Equally nice suite but much quieter. 

By the way, Jill wants to know if anyone has a cardamom cookie recipe.  

Take care and be well. 

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