Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sorry if this is a repeat. It hasn't shown up that I sent it. 

6/4-5-6 British Isles

Monday - the Isle of Skye, Scotland - Ferry to Island of Shapinsay & Balfour. It was supposed to be a castle. But, it was really a very big house that happened to have stone walls and towers to look like a castle. As far as we know, no royalty has ever lived here. 

Tuesday, Invergordon, Scotland. Cawdor Castle - a real castle. Lord Balfour is, apparently, the person who financed the excavation of King Tut's tomb. We toured the castle & had tea in a small shop. Nice scenic ride while we were awake. 

Wednesday, at sea. Typical at sea trivia, games, shows and forensic lectures. This was his 4th lecture and we have enjoyed listening to him. 

Tonight we are in the North Sea. Ship has been rolling big time. Dinner, tea/latte, lecture, show have all been heavy rolling. Should be a rocky night. 

Take care and be well. 

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