Monday, March 26, 2012



Docked in Grenada today. Went on a glass-bottom boat. Small boat - 13 passengers. Glass-bottom was four 18" x 36" viewing holes.  It was like looking down rectangular chimney with a window into the water. Not like others we have been on. It was so-so due to rain yesterday & today - the water was very cloudy. It was quite warm. 

Many streets in Grenada are very steep -  like San Francisco. Very narrow - I would never want to drive here.  Stop signs & stop lights seem to be " only a suggestion". 

Some nice buildings; but, most of the island buildings look like parts of the larger cities in Jamaica. 

3/17 Barbados today. Took an early excursion. Saw Park's Farm - a working farm with black- belly sheep. Next, Andromeda Botanical Garden. Very nice. But, a little strenuous for us. We made it but we were both pretty tired. Good view the coast, ocean waves and rock formations. 

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