Monday, March 26, 2012

Allen trip update


3/18 Docked this morning in St Lucia. Went on an aerial tram in the RAINforest. And boy oh boy it really rain!! 

Luckily, the tour guides provided rain ponchos. We still got a little wet; but, we would have been drenched without the ponchos. The rainforest was beautiful - like in Jurassic Park. Dinosaur-size leaves, plants & trees. We went low in the forest one way and returned high above the forest. 

When we returned to the cabin, Jill soaked in a warm tub and I took a warm shower. Damp clothes draped on chairs. Luckily, most stuff was in a pretty waterproof tote. But, our passports were in my pocket. They are currently being pressed in a magazine. 

3/19 Docked in Antigua. Went onshore briefly to check close stores & check for wifi. Couldn't get email on my iPhone. Will need to use the ship's wifi later today. 

No excursion today. Maybe a good day for a nap. 

Sunny & 81. Quite hot in the sun. Trivia 4times today. We have been mediocre. Jill is up $200+ on the slots. She hasn't played a lot.  But, of course, she wins when she plays. 

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