Monday, March 26, 2012

Allen cruise update


Learned yesterday at dinner that election voting is required by law in Australia. You are fined for not voting. We talked about the craziness of US political parties, primaries, elections, electoral votes and much of the silliness of US politics. 

Excursion today to see a small zoo. We had a guide from Kenosha, Wisconsin. All kinds of small animals - cockatoos, parrots, macaws, leopard tortoises, turtles, monkeys, lizards, snakes, ocelots, iguanas, an ostrich, ducks, and other colorful birds. 

After the zoo, we toured (drove around) the island. Our guide was very talkative - pointing out beaches, hotels, historical sites, etc. She also gave us a brief history of the island and explained the Dutch/French split of the island. 

The bus stopped a few times for photo opportunities - we stayed on the bus. The long walk from the ship to the bus and a 45 minute walk at the zoo was more than enough exercise for us. 

Back onboard about 4PM. Afternoon tea arrived just after we got to our cabin. We both had a few snacks since we hadn't eaten lunch. 

Another good dinner with a great group of table-mates. 
Not interested in the magician tonight. So...I am relaxing in the room. Jill went out to play the slots. 

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