Monday, March 26, 2012

Allen 3/16 updates

Managed to locate wifi service on Aruba. Used a new list app on my iPhone
for trip updates. I hope it worked.
Saw Midnight in Paris at the cinema. Good movie. Woody Allen film.
Our dinner table mates are very nice and interesting. Food has been good.
Typical day - Breakfast in our cabin. (Should have gone on the verandah
today.) Cereal, bagel, donuts, juice, chocolate milk, coffee, and lots of
pills. Added bacon today. Then, we usually skip lunch. Trivia has
conflicted with afternoon tea. But, George leaves cookies on our table.
Dinner is usually pretty big. We usually don't get all courses. But, we
always get dessert. At the cinema, we have popcorn.
Looks like we will walk around Willemstad (CuraƧao) today.
Oops. Change that. It seems that downtown is a longer walk than we can
handle. $15 one way for a taxi - I don't think so. In Aruba, Jill bought a
few bracelets and necklaces for around $3 each. Not worth $30 taxi fare to
get to the shops.
Just relaxing onboard. A couple afternoon trivias. Maybe get some ice
3/15 Thursday at Sea-Wonderful breakfast this morning on the verandah. We
decided to have lunch in the dining room. Our dinner table-mates (from
Australia) joined us along with another US couple and a couple from
Holland. We had a good meal and good conversation.
Jill has gone to play the slots. I am relaxing in the cabin. Progressive
Trivia at 4PM - same team throughout the cruise with scores totaled at the
Docked in Grenada. Going on a glass-bottom boat.

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