Monday, July 18, 2011

spine MRI results

I just rec'd the following information from Dr H - radiation oncologist:

"I was just now able to get a final radiology report signed off.... I had looked at the images last week, seen nothing to give evidence of cancer in the spine, and was only awaiting final confirmation. The official report agrees with my impression (there is no evidence of cancer in the spine). My plan then would be a short interval MRI of your brain, with a tentative plan to use radiosurgery on the one new area and any other metastases that seem to be growing. The short interval scan is because several of the metastases were indeterminate (they looked slightly fuzzier, but not necessarily actually larger, and I want to see if they should be treated or not). Could you please remind me of your vacation plans? I want to schedule the MRI with enough time to do a GK treatment prior to your trip."

So, not evidence of cancer in the spine.  Looks like they will go forward with the Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

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