Monday, July 11, 2011

another tumor

Well, it appears that things are still evolving. Talked with Dr H today regarding the brain MRI done last Wednesday. He advised me that there appears to be another spot - not actually in my brain - but, in the fluid by my brain stem. They must now wait to decide what to do about the brain lesions until I have a full spine MRI to determine if the cancer has spread down my spine. If there is a spread to the spine, Gamma Knife radiosurgery will not be an option. If there isn't a spread to the spine, they can still consider the Gamma Knife. So...Wednesday I will be spending a long late afternoon getting the spine MRI. They will do the spine scan in 3 sections - each about as long as the brain MRI - about 35 minutes each. I will be given a chance to sit up and stretch between sections.

Over the weekend, Dr E indicated that finding cancer on the gallbladder shouldn't impact my continued participation in the Crizotinib study. We go forward with the regularly scheduled chest and abdomen CT next Wednesday.

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