Friday, July 8, 2011

7/6 MRI

I spoke with Dr H (radiation oncologist) this morning. Apparently, a few of the brain lesions appear to have possibly grown a little. He said they were "fuzzy". Don't think that is a technical medical term. He is going to review the MRI with a neurologist and get back to me. Options might be another follow-up CT in a couple weeks. Or, they may decide to go forward with radiation gamma knife surgery - which has apparently been the next course of action for the brain lesions that were identified more than 2 years ago.

Also learned today that the cancer on the gallbladder is adenocarcinoma - the same type of cancer that is in my lungs.  The Research RN indicated that this should not impact my continuing on the crizotinib lung cancer study drug.

So...I wait for the feedback from Dr E regarding the gallbladder cancer and from Dr H regarding the brain lesions.

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