Thursday, July 7, 2011

gallbladder cancer

I got a call today from the surgeon who removed my gallbladder last Friday,  7/1. He had just rec'd the pathology report for the gallbladder. It turns out that the gallbladder had cancer tissue. So...I guess this means that the cancer has spread to at least one additional organ. I don't know exactly what this will mean. Dr M will contact Dr E (my oncologist) to ensure that he sees the pathology report. I guess I wait to hear back. Dr M had indicated to Jill that he had removed a very inflamed gallbladder with lots of stones and stringy stuff attached to it. I suppose that might have been the cancer. He indicated that he had removed it all. Now I wait for direction and for the results of the brain MRI this past week.

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Abandoning Eden said...

ugh, FUCK CANCER!! (sorry for the cursing but I really just want to yell that a lot right now). Hoping for the best, let us know what you find out.