Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/13 - on to the next treatment

A CT scan this morning confirmed that my lung cancer has become active once again. So...I got 10 months from this last remission.  After discussing this with Dr E, I met with a Research Nurse to go over what needs to be done to start me on the new test chemo.  Apparently, the drug is made by Pfizer and they need to also confirm my qualification for the drug - PF-02341066.  I guess it doesn't even have a name yet.  They now have 83 patients in the study.  Next Tuesday, I will have a long day full of various tests and exams.  DE (the Research Nurse) will contact me with the schedule for the day.

I've been reading lots of paperwork about the study - various "informed consent" and disclaimer type stuff.  It also includes some details about things I will need to do - follow up tests, etc.

I am sure glad that Jill got through her kidney transplant and is well on her recovery.  It could have been pretty complicated otherwise.  We will still need to coordinate her follow ups with what I need to do. So...I guess we move on to the next adventure. 

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