Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well...FB friends know that yesterday was my 36th Wedding Anniversary.  Jill and I have had a great life.  We knew each other in high school and went to the same college - where we became good friends.  It's a great thing to be married to your best friend.

She has had her own serious health issues.  We have been lucky that we have taken turns being in tough shape.  I was scheduled to see Dr E (my oncologist) today and she told me to tell him that it isn't "my turn" right now.  I did tell him that and he delivered great news.  I continue to be in remission!! 

He feels that I might expect to have a good run of time coming.  Whenever my current remission ends (hopefully, quite a while from now), I will go on the NIH test chemo which is a "specialty" chemo specifically targeted for a somewhat rare gene which I have.  He said that the NIH has had extremely good success with this drug; and, it apparently hasn't been causing side effects.  He thinks it is possible that I may have a couple years before it will be necessary to figure out a next treatment.

Nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to cancer.  But, it sure is good to think that I may be feeling OK for a while. 

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