Saturday, October 3, 2009

eyes getting a little better

The good news is that my eyes are getting a little better. I am using a prescribed ointment (tobradex) as directed by the eye doc. 2x per day I put a small amount of the ointment on my lower eyelid. It is a bit strange to hold the eyelid and rub on the ointment. If I would have had to do this before I ever wore contacts, that would have been difficult. The best thing, though, is that I wake up without my eyes being crusted.

Other than the eyes, I have pretty much become accustomed to the other Alimta side effects. The skin rash/sores are very minor. The fatigue is a nuisance but not a big thing. I have adjust what I do or try to do to fit with my energy level - not really too bad.

Tonight we are going to the Miles for Myeloma (M$M) dinner at IU.  Jill's oncologist/hemotalogist, Dr Rafat Abonour, has been doing this for several years now - maybe four or five. Each year he does a combination run/bike ride to raise research funds for Myeloma and related diseases (which includes amyloidosis which Jill has). As of last year, the donations have totalled over $1 million. If you have an interest, the website is .

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