Thursday, September 29, 2011

NY 9/10

Well...the 2 1/2 tour yesterday took 5 hours with all the added security stops and truck inspections. Happy they are being so diligent looking for screw balls. It was a nice tour - but very long for us. Last night the Jersey Boys show was fabulous.

Don't know what we'll do today. We had a nice breakfast and are pondering options. I picked up a banana, cookies, choc milk and Gatorade-tyoe drink. Not sure if we want to deal with the heavier than normal traffic since it might be even more intense today and 9/11 celebrations are tomorrow. And, Jill is a bit tired. We'll just wait to see what the day brings. Maybe we will just relax and go out somewhere for lunch.

We've had access to a restricted lounge for a nice continental breakfast and afternoon snacks. We've used it for both breakfasts and for snacks the day we arrived. Couldn't get to it yesterday afternoon because our tour ran so long.

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