Thursday, September 29, 2011

At sea 9/23-24

The last two days have been very relaxing days at sea. Breakfast in the cabin, trivia, lunch, trivia, trivia, nap, trivia, relax in cabin, trivia, tea in cabin, listen to live music before dinner, dinner, ship's performers or movie, day is over.

We continue to win many trivias. We have had a very good couple as partners. Jill prodded me to play a new Game Mania which turned out to be similar to a 4-person Jeopardy. The ship even has podiums with buttons to buzz in to answer. I won.

Celebrity, the ship (the Summit), the staff taking care of us and this cruise itinerary have all been great. We only had 3 excursions; but, we explored a few other towns.

We are anxious to look into our next cruise. We will definitely look into other intineraries with Celebrity.

Today was the activity we really hate - packing. Tomorrow will be a day of travel to get home. At least we don't need to connect. Even though it is a smaller 50-passenger plane, at least it is non-stop.

Can't wait to plan our next cruise.

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