Friday, November 12, 2010

Crizotinib - start 11/11/10

Yesterday, I started the journey on crizotinib - the study drug that is very new. The routine is 250 mg in the AM and 250 mg in the PM.  This amounts to 2 large 100 mg pills and 1 50 mg pill twice each day.  The next time that I will really know about progress will be around 12/22 when I will have a CT.  I have a couple of appointments before then for labs, tests and to see Dr E.  But, the CT will be the real test of the benefit of the crizotinib.  Until then, my job is to take the drugs and watch for side effects.  I have anti-nausea meds in case I get nauseous.  Other than that, will have to deal with any other side effects as they come.  Dr E says that the typical side effects of crizotinib are normally less severe than I have dealt with from other chemos.  

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