Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well...let's start by saying that our excursion today is what Jill called the Excursion from Hell. Certainly, we understand that nobody can control the weather/temp. But, that was the worst ride on a small boat that we have ever experienced. I thought my spine was going to be shattered by the extreme banging at the speed we were going in a flat-bottomed boat. For most of the almost hour ride each way, we tucked down our heads, held onto our hats, froze and took a real bruising on our butts and backs.

This was one of the only excursions that we paid for and I was quite put off that they clearly solicited donations for the school we visited. Also, their excursion description definitely did not help us to understand the difficulty of the steep, uphill walk and the many even stairs. It turned out to be an extreme challenge for both of us. The guide actually said "Of course we don't tell you. If we did, you wouldn't come". The only break in the beating that was the return boat trip was when they stopped the boat for about ten minutes for little kids in dug out canoes to badger us and try to harass us into buying their sea shell and trinkets. Certainly, we have experienced that type of thing before; but, it has never been so blatantly initiated by an excursion operator. We will try to find time tonight or tomorrow to lodge a complaint with the ship's staff.

More later.

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