Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to work

Have now been back home for about a week. Has actually been sunnier here in Indy than it was in the Caribbean. Not much different during that past week or so. Since I keep up on my email with my blackberry, I didn't have lots to catch up on at the office. Just had to review a few email with attachments that are difficult to read on the small screen.

Since my vision has continued to deteriorate, I moved up my eye doc appointment. I go in this coming Saturday. Will find out if he recommends replacing the lenses in my new glasses or if I am getting close to doing the cataract surgery. I'm kinda hoping for lenses for now so that I can see better when we go to Alaska in late May/early June.

My health is, otherwise, very good. Just the usual aches & pains and a little cough. Gained a couple pounds during the cruise; but, I have leveled off at my pre-cruise weight. No treatments at the moment.

Jill has been undergoing various tests during the past week or so. So far, she has passed everything with flying colors. She has been having pain in her back - probably her kidneys. She sees her kidney doc soon - maybe tomorrow or next Thursday. We'll see if he recommends that she prepare for dialysis. 

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