Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nothing really new

Figure that I better write something so some don't wonder where I am. Still working on getting used to wearing glasses again. 7 or 8 years since I had lazik and have only worn reading glasses since then. A little different wearing glasses most of the time. It sure is nice, however, to see well again. Eyes are still watering and it looks like I am stuck with that - at least, for a while.

Don't really notice much difference since I had tubes put in my ears other than, obviously, I don't feel the contant sensation of fluid in my ears. I can't tell much difference in terms of hearing.

Still having some "stomach" issues. Don't have much appetite; but, I eat because I know I must. About the only meal that doesn't bother me is breakfast - Cheerios every day. Weight has been stable - I think. I've taken Zantac, Tums and ginger - none have helped. This problem came on about the time I started the Alimta. I am hoping maybe it will clear up now that I've have the last chemo. Maybe time will solve this issue.

Huge snow storm on the East Coast this weekend. Some areas may get more than 20". I sure am glad we have only had a little snow so far. Hoping things get cleaned up by the time Brett and Arielle plan to drive to Indy for Xmas. It has been chilly and the cold bothers me much more that in the past. At least I can layer and that mostly works for me. I've lost around 60 lbs - so I can pretty easily wear layers without them fitting tight like they did when I was heavier.

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