Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the glasses saga continues

I called the eye doc's office on Monday. The woman I talked to didn't seem to know what to do after I explained what had happened. She said that I should bring the glasses by the office when I get a chance. I told her I couldn't do that because I am in Indianapolis. She said, "Well, you can bring them in when you get back from vacation." Ha! I explained to her that I wasn't on vacation. I live in Indy. Then, she didn't know what to do and would talk to "Linda". Linda called Tuesday. She apologized for the lack of communication. Apparently, the frame supply had my frames on backorder and they will be in-stock in a couple weeks. When they are ready, the glasses will be sent to me. Obviously, I was surprised since I had just gotten the other glasses and I asked her what I should do with these. She told me to just keep them as consideration for the inconvenience. Now, I will have to pairs of backup glasses. That's a lot of glasses when you consider I may only need them for maybe six months - or, until I need cataract surgery.

On a different note, all kids and dogs have now returned home. Quiet. No dog toys. No dog jumping on our bed in the morning. It is always nice to see the kids and we would love to see them more often. But, it is also nice to get our house back to ourselves.

This morning I stepped in the shower and was hit rudely with cold water. Our water heater clearly was not working. Jill called the plumber and they sent someone in the early afternoon. Turns out that we didn't need a new hot water heater. I have no idea how long a hot water heater lasts. But, the plumber said that he thinks he put it in and that it was "only" six years old. Apparently, the pilot light had gone out and is supposed to relight itself. Jill says he used a blow torch to light it. I never would have had the nerve to try that - much happier to have him do it. So, hopefully, all is back to normal.

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