Monday, December 1, 2008


Well...the past week was Thanksgiving. As usual, we went to Joliet and spent several days with Jill's family. Brett and Arielle flew in from Philly on Wednesday AM and Julie drove in from St Louis Wednesday night. The extended family at Joy's for Thanksgiving dinner included Joy (Jill's sister), Mark, Abby, Andrew, Jill's mom, Bob (Jill's brother), Patti, Sam, Jake, Mike (Jill's nephew) and Jen, Matt (Jill's nephew) and Liz, and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. We enjoyed the usual fabulous food (too much as usual) and loads of good conversation and good times. Of course, the TV was tuned to football. The kids mostly headed downstairs to play air hockey and Wii.

Of course, while we were in Joliet, we visited favorite restaurants. What would a visit to Joliet be without a stop at Portillo's, Merichka's and Traverso's? Obviously, most of us ate totally too much food. But, for us, that is what Thanksgiving is all about - family, fun, food and lots of laughs.

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