Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hurray for today

Went for my visit with Dr Einhorn today. Had Xrays. The good news is that he said my cancer continues to be stable. No treatment is needed at this time. That's 17 months in remission. I will go back to see him in March - after our Feb cruise. He is planning on a CT scan next visit since I haven't had one is quite a while. The CT scan will give him a little more detailed picture than the Xray. Also, he gave me an Rx to try for the neuropathy in my feet. He said to try it for a week - if it doesn't help after one week, he doesn't think it will. So...we'll see how that works. It sure would be nice to reduce the nagging pain in my feet. Other than that, same old same old - and that's good news!

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