Wednesday, April 23, 2008

shoulder and other aches

Well... this week I have been dealing with my very sore shoulder. After quiting physical therapy a couple weeks ago due to the pain, I saw a shoulder specialist Monday. He scheduled an MRI which was done today. Hopefully, after reviewing the MRI, the Dr Kunkle will be able to confirm whether any kind of injury or shoulder damage is involved or if it is what is referred to as "frozen shoulder". After that, I will get directions re: how to handle it going forward.

Also, my feet/toes are bothering me quite a bit again. I assume this is a continuation of the peripheral neuropathy that was caused by chemo. Since the toes got quite a bit worse whenever I was in very cold temps, I had hoped that they would be better as it warmed up - wrong!! I don't really feel what I would call pain. It is more a significant numbness - very much like the toes and balls of my feet being asleep. I have that kind of sharp tingling - except that it doesn't go away.

Still have rough headaches in the AM - sometimes other times during the day. I take a couple Advil in the AM and end up OK for most of the day. Every so often I need to take Advil later in the day - but not every day. Hopefully, the headaches and nose bleeds will subside once I am done with the Avastin infusion later this month.

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