Thursday, April 10, 2008

only one more Avastin

Well...yesterday I got my penultimate Avastin infusion. (That's trivia-speak for next to the last.) April 30 will be my last infusion. Then...we wait & see what happens. I will see Dr Einhorn every six to eight weeks with Xrays and bloodwork to determine my cancer status. Yesterday, he said that my Xrays indicate that the cancer is still stable - as it has been for several months.

On another note, I quit the physical therapy for my shoulder. WOW - was it painful!! Dr Mason Goodman gave me a recommendation for a shoulder specialist and I will see Dr Kunkle in a couple weeks. I have heard everything from "physical therapy is necessary to improve the shoulder" to "leave it alone and it will improve on its own". So...we'll see what the specialist says. I do know for sure, however, that I am probably not willing to put up with the level of pain I had during physical therapy if that will simply get it better a few months earlier than it will get better on its own. We'll see...

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