Monday, January 21, 2008

backtracking a little

Just went back and saw that I didn't blog since before Xmas. We had a very nice visit with the kids. Brett & Arielle stayed for about 2 weeks. Julie was here for a few weeks - minus a few days that she went back to St Louis for New Years. We did our normal tapas-style Xmas Eve. It was fun with Arielle here since this was her first Xmas. Everyone had a great time opening presents. For Xmas day, we prepared a turkey dinner - much of it from a pre-packaged dinner from The Fresh Market. Turkey, dressing, cranberry salad, rolls, corn souffle, Jill's double-baked potatoes. Great meal.

We had our New Year's Eve soup party. We had four other couples - meaning we had five kinds of soup. Great night for me! After soup and lots of conversation, we played Balderdash. It was a fun game and turned out that we had just about the right number of players to work well.

Brett & Arielle went back to Philly after New Years and Julie came back for another week or so. Finally, by mid-January, we had the house back. It is certainly very nice to have the kids visit - but, it is also nice to have the house to ourselves again. We have certainly become accustomed to being empty-nesters.

Brett is now done with school. He finished strong on Dean's List the last two semesters. Now...I am not sure what he will end up doing. Obviously, I would hope that he will have luck finding some kind of job that he likes. Julie is next - she finishes in May.

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