Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last update

Well...our last couple days have been at sea and today we were at the HAL private island. Days at sea were more of the same - including Jill winning at the slots.

She did have one time when she lost - and she lost more than her $20 cuz she kept thinking her luck would turn. Why wouldn't it with her history? But, the next day, she made up for her only losing round.

For the last few mornings, the weather has been nice enough to have a nice lazy breakfast on our verandah. In fact, was a bit warm this morning in the Bahamas.

We didn't bother getting off the ship at the private island. Instead, we did a spa day. Jill got a facial and I got a massage. If there is anything better than a lazy day, it is a lazy day with a massage or spa treatment.

Can never accept that the cruises are ending. We could just keep going for another few weeks. But, back to the real world on Monday.

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