Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jill wins

OK...so I wasn't going to do an update today. Nothing much different from yesterday. Just another day in paradise - at sea, on a ship, our every need taken care of.

But...then Jill went and started winning on the slots. It started last night when she got a $10 credit for slots from the ship. She parlayed that free money into $160. Then, this morning she won $305 after putting just $13 into the machine. Not a bad 2-day haul - and she has more than offset everything she has lost so far - which hasn't been much since she hasn't played every day.

So...Jill is a happy girl and is at the slots again tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.

Otherwise, re-read yesterday's update and it is about the same for today. Ain't life grand!!!

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