Saturday, December 15, 2012

Travel day and day one

So...we decided to try a 7-day cruise on the Celebrity Reflection - just launched in October. This is a make-up trip for needing to cancel Galapagos in October.

The travel days are usually the hardest for us. But, with a late 11AM flight and wheelchairs in the airports, we made it without too much trouble. My portable oxygen concentrator has worked well. Should have gotten another extra battery. But, we are handling it OK.

On boarding day, we also didn't leave too early. Our car picked us up around 11AM. At the port, Celebrity had plenty of help with wheelchairs all the way to the cabin.

Normal required lifeboat drill. Luggage arrived and we are unpacked. The cabin is nice. We are still getting our bearings. Dinner was good; but, we have a table for two.

Back to the cabin to charge the POC batteries. Didn't take the cart to dinner; but, I will tomorrow. Plan to try the cart to go to the show tonight.

Take care and be well.

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