Friday, February 3, 2012

Week of Feb 1, 2012

Brain MRI & met with Dr H - radiation oncologist. Multiple lesions treated w/ Gamma Knifes remain stable. The lesion treated with Novalis actually reduced. There appears to be a new lesion. A little concern; however, it is very small and we will wait until a followup MRI in April to determine if treatment is needed. Also met dermatologist - full exam - nothing found - follow up in one year.


Aegea said...

I am a complete stranger but found your blog as my mom has been re diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer after 7 years of remission. I am in awe of all of your trips you have taken! I am suppose to take my mom to Sicily next week and I am so worried and not knowing what to do if she becomes ill. She was admitted to the ER yesterday with an infection. They gave her an IV of antibiotics, z pack, nebulizer. They did a CT scan and said her tumor has grown and has spread. She was only able to finish 3 cycles of chemo 2 1/2 months ago as she was having a bad reaction. The tumor had shrunk considerably but now this new diagnoses. My mother has always wanted to go to Sicily as is adamnet about still going. If you can offer any advise on traveling it would be greatly appreciated. She is currently not on oxygen. My personal email I I would also love to know more on what course of treatment you are currently on.

Jim Allen said...

Aegea - You should get a service call Medjet Assist. This service would fly her home if she has a serious medical issue.