Tuesday, August 16, 2011

stress test / neurosurgeon

Spoke yesterday with the RN from the cardiologist's office.  She is waiting for the cardiologist to review the full data from the portable monitor, the stress echo and the ultrasound.  However, she didn't seem to think that there is anything significant.  Apparently, my pulse was low - at 39 when I slept wearing the monitor.  Since the Dr had just taken me off metoprolol, she suggested continuing to monitor BP and pulse.  Last night, BP was 144/67 and pulse was 58.  She said that the cardiologist would contact me if he wants to change anything.

Yesterday, I had a brain MRI.  Today, I see Dr H (radiation oncologist) and meet with Dr W (neurosurgeon) who would do the Gamma Knife radiation surgery if they decide to go that direction.

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