Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 16 CT

Got my regular CT yesterday - along with bloodtests and saw Dr E. He indicated that lung tumor reduction has continued - I hope to get details next week from Debb. No new side effects. Apparently, the crizotinib is effecting my liver slightly; but, Dr E said he will just watch it for now. If necessary, in the future, he will adjust the crizotinib dosage. He examined my right side since I have been having a dull pain; but, it is probably still from the pleurodisis a while back. Nothing on the CT and Dr E's exam doesn't show anything. He commented that "the cruise ship food must have agreed with me" and indicated that I had gained 7 lbs. Clearly, the crizotinib has not reduced my appetite. I'm betting that will go away now that I am back eating my normal diet at home.

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