Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ketchikan was pretty chilly in Ketchikan today - high around 42, cloudy, rainy and biting through whatever clothes you are wearing. First thing today, we went into the small town and did a little shopping. I didn't bring any sweatshirts because I planned on buying a few in Alaska. Got 3 today. Jill also got a sweatshirt. She also got some sweatpants to sleep in - the ship has been a bit chilly.

Then, we went on a coastal wildlife boat ride. Froze our butts off - even though we had layered and they have is raingear. We did see seals, sea lions, loons, and lots of eagles. No luck seeing bears.

Immediately upon returning, Jill jumped into a hot bath and I ordered some clam chowder from room service. It isn't like we didn't expect the cold - but, it's still different when you're in it rather than thinking that it'll be cold. Temp wasn't so bad - just the combo of temp, rain, wind, etc.

But...we'll survive and we did get some great eagle viewing.

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