Wednesday, December 5, 2007

another day

Saw Dr Einhorn today for my usual 3-week follow-up. He has decided that I am doing well enough so we will now do X-rays every 6 weeks rather than every 3 weeks. There are no indications of a need for any other tests for now. Will continue to get Avastin every 3 weeks through April.

The peripheral neuropathy in my feet continues; but, he still thinks it will go away. I found out this past weekend that cold has a severe negative effect on my feet. Did some outdoor chores and it was quite cold. What a mistake!!

Anyway, got my Avastin infusion today and all seems to continue OK. We talked about after the first year. He said that there are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th choices for other non-chemo treatments. Apparently, this is the area where there is the most current research and development of new potential treatments.

He also said that, if we get at least a year remission from the chemo, it might make sense to go back to it. Apparently, the next possible round of chemo would be expect to bring a reduced time for remission; but, given that it has worked, it would be worth trying again. It is kind of a wait & see situation.

We leave Friday for Ecuador and Sunday we fly to the Galapogas Islands. This should be a very interesting trip.

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